Foods can be medicinal for your body or poisonous.

People think about food all the time. We think about what we want and need to eat. We go out to get the food, prepare it, and then spend time eating it. That is a lot of accumulated time we spend around food. Some say we spend around 240 hours per year just thinking about food. 

In every culture on the planet Earth, we gather around a table, to share food and celebrate life. In many ways, we associate food with happiness. But we also need to start associating food and eating with our health. 

Nutrition is a fundamental cornerstone of healthy living. You must keep a close eye on your diet, and be very careful with what you eat. 

Do yourself a favor, and reed the ingredient lists on the labels, and remember. Natural, organic foods can be medicinal for your body, and help to quicken your healing. 

On the other hand, processed foods, filled with chemicals will have, poisonous effects on your body, and will trigger disease and illness. 

You can also maximize your recovery after gym sessions or running with a properly balanced diet. Healthy eating will help you generate better results, and can become a crucial motivating factor for the consistency of your workouts. Eating high-quality carbohydrates and proteins within two hours of your workouts will help your body to recover faster. 

A combination of plain yogurt mixed with fresh fruit and few nuts would be a great post-training snack. Other good choices for your post-exercise meals can include; peanut butter sandwiches, preferably on a healthy bread, made of sprouted grains. 

Here are a few other meal ideas:

Egg omelet with avocado spread on a toast. 

Chicken with some veggies, and little brown rice. 

Salmon with sweet potato and salad. 

Tuna salad sandwich, with greens on whole grain bread. 

Oatmeal, banana, almond butter, and chia seeds. 

Cottage cheese, berries, and pumpkin seeds. 

So, keep in your mind that natural, healthy, organic foods can be medicinal for your body, and will quicken your healing. 

Be wise with your dietary choices, especially after your workouts to maximize your benefits. 

Let Your Food Be Your Medicine! 

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