Somatics is the field of practical studies within bodywork therapies and movement disciplines that emphasizes proprioception (the internal experience of the person) and proprioception modulation, to create a therapeutic change.

One of the most powerful systems in our bodies that has evolved over millions of years of life and evolution is our biological capacity for healing and restoration.

Proper practices of somatic techniques help us to tap into that biological capacity and trigger healing and restoration. It is easier said than done, of course, but with everyday practice, you can get there.

Whether you are stressed, drowning in anxiety, undergoing medical treatments in clinical settings, or just practicing self-care, prevention, and healthy, balanced lifestyle somatic practice can significantly benefit you.

Somatic practice emphasizes proprioception, the internal physical perception, and experience of the person and how to how to modify the internal perception to yield therapeutic benefits.

Imagine a field in the framework of your body where all of your thinking, feelings, emotions, bodily experiences, and ongoing physical and neural sensations take place and interact with each other. It is in this somatic field where all your subconscious and unconscious processing takes place. The somatic field is the default operating system upon which everything else is set.

Different people have a different quality to their somatic field. Some handle stress better and let trauma go easier naturally, they’re rare, but they do exist. Others store all the stress in the form of chronic tension in the body. This can because of a great number of conditions from anxiety disorders to depression, high blood pressure, and a slow rate of healing, to name a few.

The main objective of all somatic disciplines is to help people to become familiar with the somatic field, establish in it, and learn how to induce somatic-concentration, somatic-relaxation, and somatic-restoration.

Why is this important? Because in the somatic restorative state your fight and flight responses get turned off and your mind-body enters into an organic state of homeostasis, where healing and restoration take place.

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