Your Health is Your Lifeforce

For me the messaging about importance of health has been the same for almost 20 years. I think Health is Everything. I’ve been trying to deliverer this message to myself and my subconscious, to my family and friends, to my clients, patients, to my circles, networks and the internet. 

In my opinion, for us humans, good life could be measured by 3 interdependent measures, which are health, happiness and wealth. 

Health is listed as number one, because without health people are almost always miserable unhappy. It is also, very difficult focus on work, career, or run a business efficiently, because being healthy ensures physical vigor and enhanced mental capabilities. 

In my opinion, for us humans our health is everything. It is our lifeforce. Yes, your health is your lifeforce. And, it should be cherished as your value on the chart of your value system. 

Cherish and cultivate your health. It’ll pay high dividends.

I have a question for you.

Why do you think people are so careless with their health, don’t they realize how precious it is?

There are only 2 things on this planet you can’t be carless about:

  1. This Planet and 
  2. Your Health.

Look, I’ve been a professional clinician for most of my career, I’ve researched and studied the fundamentals of health through multitude of disciplines. I’ve practiced manual medicine and helped many people, and here is what I’ve learned.

Health is Everything. Your Health is your Lifeforce. Your Health is Your Most Important Asset. 

I’ve learned that you can get your health back if you’re willing to pay the price. You can restore your health, in the same as you would restore and renovate an old house, but you must be willing to pay the price for it.

I’ve learned that you don’t have to look like a fitness model to be healthy. You can be somewhat phat and still be healthy. You can have an ideal physique and yet be sick as a dog. 


So, how can you restore yourself to factory settings?

How can you gain your health back?

In order to open up the forces that triggers health, we need to do some alchemy.

In order to open up the floodgate of health in your body, you need to force yourself to do only 5 things every day.

By doing these 5 things daily you will gain your health back. You’ll have more energy and more immunity. I promise you that. 

In ancient cultures this was known as health alchemy. Mixing elements together to create a new, healthy conditions.

So, what are these 5 forces when practiced daily will help you regain and regulate your health? 

Here are the 5 Fundamental Elements of Health, or T5

  1. Number one. Learn how to breathe properly. Breathing is very important. Breathing fresh, clean air in higher quantities is super important for your health. Let the force enter you. Lung health is very important for immunity and blood oxygenation. So, no smoking, no vaping, can’t be poisoning yourself and expect to be healthy. Long deep breaths every day. Get on it. Start now! Take deep breaths.
  • You must drink clean, pure water. About 8 glasses a day. If you have a health issue talk to your doc how much should you or you shouldn’t drink a day. But remember this, if you’re trying to get healthy all you drink is clean water, some tea and some coffee. No soda, no booze, beer or store-bought sugary juices. You can drink juices but only freshly squeezed as far as juices go. You got to stop poisoning yourself to get healthy.
  • Eat as much fresh fruits and vegetables, cooked vegetables, nuts, beans, fish, chicken, some red meet. You can’t eat garbage-foods, fast-foods, processed foods, deep fried foods, bagels, donuts, pizza, pasta-shmasta, it all must go. This is serious business. Stop all of it, at once. But, once a week, eat whatever your heart desires. But the other 6 days you got to keep your food clean. Food is medicine, and it also can be a poison. So, stop poisoning yourself.

Look we spoke about 3 elements already air, water, food, and we said eat clean food, drink clean water, breathe fresh, clean air. Clean being the keyword in this equation. These elements will wash your body and clean it. Restoration of your health happens through practice of cleanliness in food, water and air.  

  • The fourth element, the fourth force is movement. Move. Run, bike, swim, lift, dance, yoga, tai chi, gym, do something. Just walk. Movement is the fire that starts to combine these elements together, and pushes toxins out of your system through sweating, and processing the previous 3 elements. So, move every day. Do something.
  • The last element is one of the worst poisons we subscribe to. It’s stress. Stress messes up your hormone production and fucks up your internal environment. It’s the worst poison for your health and life in general. Stop stressing and poisoning yourself and people around you. Learn how to manage your stress. Run, bike, swim, lift, dance, yoga, tai chi, gym, do something, get massages, meditate, sing, play, write, paint, go for a walk, talk to a friend, spend time with your pets. Start with something and get your stress under control.

Look, if you practice these 5 elements of health, the T5, these 5 Elements will change the quality of your health, and the quality of your life. You’ll become healthier, happier, more disciplined, more balanced, more patient, and caring. 

I had to learn these things though a tragic event in my life. 

Don’t be stupid like me and wait for a tragedy to awaken you. Be better, be smarter and take care of yourself, take care of your health.

Read articles, science papers, watch videos and learn about your health. But more importantly try things and practice what you learn.

Life is too fkn short to be sick and in hospitals. 

So, if you’re healthy now then maintain it, take care of it. It’ll multiply and pay you with high dividends.

Enlighten yourself with healthiness.

Thanks for reading…


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