Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage is also known as the Classic Massage. It is offered pretty much everywhere where you can get a massage. It is the most popular massage specialty at spas and resorts. 

One of the primary goals of the Swedish massage is relaxation and rejuvenation of the body and the mind. But Swedish massage therapy can go beyond relaxation. Swedish massage is very beneficial for improving circulation, getting rid of surface level tension and soreness in the muscles.

Swedish massage is a full body experience, performed on bare skin with natural oils and lotions. Swedish massage is usually offered as 30, 45, 60, 75, 90, 120 minutes long session. Different places have different policies and sometimes 60-minute sessions are only 50 minutes of hands on. I recommend double-checking that when you’re making your appointment.

To learn more about Swedish Massage click the link below or call 732-766-0897 to make your Swedish massage appointment with Hayk in Cranford, NJ and experience the benefits of finest Swedish massage for yourself.

Our Swedish massage will help you to relax your body and create a feeling of mental and emotional well-being. The sense of renewal, lightness, and relaxation after Hayk’s massages will prolong a day or two after your session.

Our Swedish massages are available as 60, 75, 90, or 120-minute long sessions (hands-on time). By appointments only. Our Swedish massage sessions can be mixed with elements of deep tissue, sports massage, shiatsu, and qigong massages. Based on your requests, every massage session is tailored to your unique needs. Finest quality guaranteed!

Treat yourself to a quality Swedish massage. You deserve it!

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