Qigong Massage

Qigong massage methods are a big part of Traditional Chinese Medicine. This healing system goes back thousands of years back, it is one of the oldest massage modalities. Some say over five thousand years of practice and progress highly refined these healing art. 

The theoretical foundation aspect of Qigong Massage is very complicated because it’s a broad subject. Qigong massage is based on Qigong and Traditional Chinese Medicine, both tremendous disciplines with heavy demands on education, meditation, and practice + practice + practice. 

Lets put it this way Qigong massage masters must be able to manipulate the qi. If the therapists haven’t developed far enough in Qigong and can’t channel qi to their palms, they can’t call the massage they provide as Qigong massage. It is in the name. The Qi is the critical component of Qigong massage. 

Qigong massage can help you to improve your health tremendously, slow down aging, manage stress, anxiety, depression, back pain, neck issues, sleep disorders and other conditions.

Proper qigong massages are very meditative. During treatments patients meridian systems are being opened up, energy flow improved, attention gathered, unified and focused internally. It actually feels amazing.

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Our Qigong massage sessions are available as 60, 75, or 90-minute long (hands-on time). Based on your requests and needs, every Qiqong massage will be tailored and personalized to your specific needs.

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