I took my 11 year old daughter to Hayk. She had very bad muscular pain and we’ve been treating her for a long time in other places, with not much result. However, she felt much better right after the first massage with Hayk. After couple of sessions she was feeling so much better that we lessened the visits from twice a week to once a month. Now sh’e pain free. I highly recommend him!

A. Tadevosyan
Mother of three

February, 23, 2020



Today I had the best massage with Hayk he is so professional if you want to feel great go check him out , he is awesome you will never find anyone like him , he is very passionate about his work!

Janine Miles
Fitness Professional

January, 04, 2020


Hayk is one of the best manual therapists around.

Dr. Vince Sferra DC, DIBCN
Clinical Director


Great place! Great experience! Great instructor!
A. G.
Cranford NJ | November 7, 2018 | 5 ⭐


Excellent massage and bodywork.

David G.
Cranford NJ |  November 1, 2018 | 5


Very good treatment and explanations for the various techniques. Hayk is a pro.

Jay F. 
Cranford NJ | November 30, 2018 | 4 ⭐


Hayk is amazing!! I always feel 100 % better after he works on me.He knows exactly what and where my problems are. I always leave feeling like a new person. If you want to feel amazing call and schedule an appointment.
Diane Cadieux Mazurkiewicz
Bridgewater, NJ

Hayk Zar is a fantastic massage therapist. He addresses my issues with my neck and shoulders, and locates other problem areas that I wasn’t aware of before. I continue to see him regularly.
Giovanna B.
Cranford NJ | June 23, 2018 | 5 ⭐


Best massage by far. He concentrated on all the problematic places. I felt very relaxed afterwafterwarduld definitely recommend; I will be a repeat client.

Janice D.
Cranford NJ | August 22, 2018 | 5 ⭐



The best EVER! I recommend to everyone. Super professional.

Martha K.
Cranford NJ | August 9, 2018 | 5 ⭐



Great hands.

Lisa M.
Cranford NJ | July 25, 2018 | 5 ⭐


Hayk is the go to Massage Therapist for when I need some deep muscle work. His warm, caring, professional and positive attitude are unparalleled and his skills are next level. if you want decreased stress levels or to improve your athletic performance, Hayk has the answers!

Dr. Jeremy Cohen DPT, PT, CIDN, PES, FMTC
Director of Physical Therapy at NMR

Hands of gold! Hayk is super knowledgeable and professional! Such a great therapist. I had a significant amount of relief after treatment. Will definitely be going back.
Dr. Brittany Baundaza DPT
Doctor of Physical Therapy


Great experience! Very professional and a great convenient facility.

Rodrigo C.
Cranford NJ | July 20, 2018 | 5 ⭐



My visit today at CMQS was fantastic. Hayk, my clinical masseur, was very knowledgeable with GREAT hands. Felt fantastic after my 75 min massage. Will return and feeling 10 years younger now. Thank you

Gary M.
Cranford NJ | April 24, 2018 | 5 ⭐



Stellar merchant!! One of the best masseuses I’ve had to date. I’ve had serious knots & tightness in my upper back / shoulder back/shoulder few years and have gone to many masseuses to help relieve the pain. Hayk Zar is one who is passionate about you getting better and I felt immed relief after my appt. Definitely recommend him, he’s cares about YOU vs. just trying to make a buck. Namaste!!

Reeya C.
Cranford NJ | March 9, 2018 | 5 ⭐



Hayk has wonderful hands that seek out the parts that need attention! Going back tomorrow!

Emmanuel M.
Cranford NJ | March 3, 2018 | 5 ⭐


Hayk gives awesome deep tissue massages. I always feel great after the sessions, and always looking forward to my next massage with him. Highly recommend Hayk’s deep tissue work to anyone with chronic injuries!
Dora Medina PTA
Basking Ridge, NJ

I have had Hayk work on me many times to help with significant and chronic back pain. I always feel better after his experienced therapeutic massage. He is very professional in his manner, techniques and business practices. I highly recommend anyone who has musculoskeletal problems to be worked on by Hayk. You will appreciate his skilled hands.
Patricia Taylor LPTA, MLT
Director of Patient Relations


Very Professional. I wanted a clinical massage for some back issues. He treated the areas and I left feeling great. I would definitely recommend.

Jeanne C.
Cranford NJ | February 17, 2018 | 5 ⭐



My massage was really nice. I was looking for a more therapeutic massage instead of the lighter massages. And he delivered exactly what I needed. I am a massage therapist and I would definitely return.

Miss Deena
Cranford NJ | February 16, 2018 | 5 ⭐



I love this place! The massage therapist was very nice and professional. I felt amazing after the massage. Highly recommend this place.

Paula P.
Westfield NJ | January 19, 2018 | 5 ⭐



I had one of my best massages at Qigong. Hayk is a expert at identifying trouble spots and working on them with the right pressure. Highly recommended.

Narayan H.
Cranford NJ | December 18, 2018 | 5 ⭐



Really wonderful experience. Highly recommend.

Cranford NJ | February 9, 2018 | 5 ⭐


The best massage I have ever had. A unique mix of deep tissue and sports massage really helped me to get rid of my back pain, loosen up my tight muscles and allowed me to work out harder than before. This massage is good not only for the body, but for the mind, and soul and well.
Human Resources Director

Being a trainer myself, and the workouts I put others as well as myself through, are never a problem anymore…. since Hayk. The methods of relaxation and deep tissue massage and just plain knowledge of where I need special attention has now made me dependant on Him. Not only is Hayk my small piece of heaven in this crazy paced world we try to keep up in.. He brings my mind body and spirit back down to earth. His skill and experience are unmatched by far.
Donica Storino
Personal Trainer

When I began working out for the first time in two or three years I had some serious lower back and shoulder pains from the strain on my muscles.  I decided I had to see a massage therapist and I was recommended to Hayk.  The first session was unreal! I was in a total state of bliss and my pain was relieved. I continued the sessions weekly and Hayk worked professionally on my body each and every time and instantly knew where the problems were without me having to say a word.  His professionalism, strength, and knowledge of the art are unsurpassed by any other therapist I’ve been too.  Whenever I have a problem with my body I know that Hayk’s healing hands are the only instrument I need to relieve stress and any pain I might have.  He truly is a master of his craft!
Nicholas D. Fitton
Private Investigation Agency Owner

Hayk is one of those people that has been truly blessed with healing hands. His massage therapy sessions will soothe away your physical fatigue, calm your mind, and energize your spirit. Hayk’s knowledge of a wide variety of techniques will balance your body, mind, and soul! I have been receiving bodywork from him for a little over 3 months. He has taught me how to relax, and know my body. I feel totally refreshed after each of our sessions. He has helped to totally revive my body from all of my sport related injuries/strains/and soreness.
Geoffrey C. Fitton
Real Estate Developer/Breckenridge Development Group, LLC

A weekly massage from Hayk takes away all my worries, tension and pains. Every time it gives me more positive energy. After I get up from the massage table I experience a strong feeling of well being and I feel in balance with my life. Hayk has been an important advocate in maintaining my physical and emotional health. His hands are purely magical. It seems that Hayk’s hands know exactly where to find a source of excessive tension and discomfort in my body. Hayk is truly a gifted specialist at what he does. I experience a healing power of his hands during every session. He doesn’t just perform an amazing massage that feels fantastic, but heals my body and shares some of his energy and power, for me to keep going strong after the visit.
Dina Yarkina
Performance Coach, Personal Trainer & Raw Food Lifestyle Specialist

I met Hayk when I started Muay Thai kick boxing last summer. We kept training together through out the year and one day I seemed to injure a muscle in my leg. I was not able to kick well for about 4 months because every time I would lift my leg above my waist a shooting pain would rip through it. I tried everything from icing and stretching it regularly, to even taking a break from training. Every time I came back to class and thought I was better, I was wrong. After talking with Hayk about my injury, he told me to come to him for a bodywork and he would fix me right up. So, that is what I did. He worked on my injured leg, as well as the rest of my body for an hour. Let me tell you, the state of mind and feeling you come out with after a full body massage from Hayk is just indescribable. The following day at my kick boxing class I felt not an ounce of pain in my leg. It is back to 100% now and I can thank my friend Hayk for that.
Alex D.

As a Performance Enhancement Coach and a professional athlete for last ten years, I am very aware of my body and the feedback it gives me. I always look for new traditional and non-traditional methods to enhance the recovery from frequent training sessions as well as to minimize a chance of potential injury and to rehabilitate the already existing ones. Massage was always on my top list of such methods, but I never experienced any results from it until I started receiving regular bodywork from Hayk. His knowledge of the human body, different massage methods, and its practical applications stand ten miles apart from anything that I have experienced before. My body reacted with a better performance in the gym and in competition, and I recover a lot better. In short, I highly recommend Hayk’s services to anybody who is serious about their performance, health and well-being.
Greg Mihovich
Athletic Performance Coach/Muay Thai, Grappling & MMA Coach

I can summarize my experience with Hayk in one word AMAZING. Over the years I have done damage to my body, Whether at work or play I have strained muscle’s, broken bones and various other injuries needless to say the trauma to my body has been extensive. I’ve had other forms of additionally my body feels years younger and I never thought I treatment in the past but nothing has given me the mental and physical awareness that I have achieved from visiting Hayk, additionally my body feels years younger and I never thought I would have as much mobility as I do.  It still amazes me that my body has been revived by Hayk. Thank you, each time I leave a session with Hayk I feel that same euphoria that I did the first time. I can say with 100% accuracy that my body has been revived by Hayk. Thank you

Robert Kniffin
Custom pool builder/Specialized Contracting Services


Hayk is the best massage therapist I have ever encountered. He makes you feel relaxed the moment you walk into the room. You can tell he really has an interest in not only what’s going on with your body, but in what’s going on in your mind. His massages are gentle yet very firm. Hayk is great with deep tissue… gentle yet firm touch and very tuned in with the person he is working with. Highly recommended! You’ll find yourself a wonderful therapeutic experience.
Jason Suarez
Business Owner


Massage Therapy Techniques

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