Therapeutic Massage and Scar Tissue Rehabilitation

One of the many great benefits of therapeutic massage is the breakdown of scar tissue. Therapeutic massage, physical therapy, and osteopathy are part of the manual therapy techniques that treat scar tissue.

Scar tissue is a thick, fibrous tissue web made of collagen fibers. The scar tissue takes the place of healthy tissue after it’s been damaged. Scar tissue is tissue damage and accrues as a result of sports injuries, car accidents, surgery, or as a result of a disease. Scar tissue generation is the body’s response to repair the damaged fibers of the muscles, skin, or other tissues. The body patches itself with scar tissue.

Scar tissue can cause movement restrictions as the tissue elasticity gets compromised by the damage from injury, accident, or overuse. Over time, scar tissue can become very painful. The amount of pain varies from patient to patient, depending on the severity of the wounds, as well as locations.

Connective tissue massage, deep transverse friction massage, shiatsu, therapeutic sports massage and deep tissue massage therapy used by a skilled professional can be very effective treatment modalities for people with scar tissue issues.

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