Foods can be medicinal for your body or poisonous.

People think about food all the time. We think about what we want and need to eat. We go out to get the food, prepare it, and then spend time eating it. That is a lot of accumulated time we spend around food. Some say we spend around 240 hours per year just thinking about food. 

In every culture on the planet Earth, we gather around a table, to share food and celebrate life. In many ways, we associate food with happiness. But we also need to start associating food and eating with our health. 

Nutrition is a fundamental cornerstone of healthy living. You must keep a close eye on your diet, and be very careful with what you eat. 

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Your Health is Your Lifeforce

For me the messaging about importance of health has been the same for almost 20 years. I think Health is Everything. I’ve been trying to deliverer this message to myself and my subconscious, to my family and friends, to my clients, patients, to my circles, networks and the internet. 

In my opinion, for us humans, good life could be measured by 3 interdependent measures, which are health, happiness and wealth. 

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Research References on Benefits of Meditation

A large body of scientific evidence showcases a long list of benefits gained from practicing meditation mindfulness for health and wellness gains. Few of the benefits are long-lasting stress reductions, sustained health improvements, organizational culture and behavior enhancement and educational development advancement. Here you’ll find Research Reference on Meditation, Mindfulness for Wellness, Health, and Stress Managment.

Meditation practice plays an active role in changing brain’s plasticity. Mindfulness practices help to increase immunity, wellbeing and improve quality of life. MIT and Harvard studies have shown that regular meditation practice can help to relieve symptoms in people who suffer from chronic pain.
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