The Weight of the World on Your Shoulders

Everyday stress and tension eventually start to feel like the weight of the world in on your shoulders. Neck and shoulder issues are some of the most common reasons why patients schedule clinical massage therapy sessions. 

Rotator cuff tears are the leading cause of shoulder pain and shoulder-related problems that also become a pain in a neck. About 4.5 million physician visits annually in the United States are regarding shoulder issues. In the United States, the annual cost for treating shoulder pain was $7 billion; these numbers are only for in the year 2000.

Shoulder problems cause tightness in the upper torso muscles. This tension causes nerve impingements that can lead to headaches, breathing difficulties, neck, shoulder, chest, arm, wrist, or hand pain.

It could seem counterintuitive that the area where you feel the pain may not be the actual source of the pain. For example, severe stress can cause tension and tightness in your shoulders, which can cause tightness at the base of your skull, which may be affecting nerve activity that is experienced as a headache or as pain in upper arms or forearms. 

The great news is that clinical massage therapy can alleviate these referred pains and aches by addressing the source of your problem. One-hour massage therapy sessions scheduled once a week for four weeks, and then every other week for few more weeks depending on your condition can significantly improve your the tension level in the back and upper torso, that will improve your sleep and decrease muscle tension, deliver faster recovery from training, and ultimately make you feel better and permanently get rid of the cause issue. 

Things that you should be aware of which might be causing you shoulder problems: 

  • Sleeping with your arm under your pillow and head.
  • Sitting too long up in front of your computer with poor posture. 
  • Holding your phone between your ear and shoulder with a tilted neck.
  •  Always carrying a heavy bag or suitcase on the same side. 

Be aware of these repetitive behaviors to try to lessen the likelihood of future problems.

Getting medical massages regularly is a great way to reduce or eliminate neck and shoulder complaints and lessen the heavyweight of the everyday world on your shoulders. 

Massage therapy can help you to relax the tension in your muscles, neck, and back. This will translate into an increased range of motion, restore flexibility, and increase the pleasant nerve sensation through the area. 

Remember: Massage therapy can enhance recovery and reduce pain and fatigue. 

In between your massage sessions, therapeutic exercises, gentle yoga sessions, and physical therapy will be helpful in maintaining your shoulder health.

I invite you to come in for your clinical massage session so you can leave the weight of the world on the massage table and feel lighter and looser a while.

Thank you for reading!

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