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It is the job of a great leader to be the catalyst of cultural health and happiness in their organization. You as a great leader must create an environment for your people to thrive and strive for excellence. As a great leader, you need to keep your people informed, in order for them to feel included, to feel as an integral part of your team and your agenda. You must treat them well, in order for them to get motivated and be and do their best. 

Research shows that well trained, well informed, well treated and fully engaged employees produce higher quality products and excellent customer service, thus they become the sustainable competitive edge and help to increase ROI. Read many of the Harvard Business Review and Gallup papers.

Fully engaged employees are deeply involved in their work and are always in tune with the company’s objectives, goals, initiatives, and missions. Fully engaged people are absorbed with their company’s purpose to a degree where everything they do to achieve their positional goals becomes a labor of love, and that makes people happy. 

And as you know I hope, happiness encompasses love, and love is one of the core components of happiness and health. Do you think that people would love the company, which helps them to be happier and healthier? Do you think that would translate into loyalty and hard work?

Happier, purposefully engaged people are more optimistic. Statistics show that optimists sell more than pessimists, 30%-57% more for that matter. The negativity of the “NO” doesn’t stop them from keeping trying again. 

Did you know that? 

You can read about it in MetLife’s sales case studies. 

Happier, healthier, purposefully engaged people are more enthusiastic, helpful and hopeful, and that’s good for business. 

Engaged, happy, healthy people deal with pressure and stress better. It is cheaper to insure them, that drives healthcare costs down for the organization. Engaged, happy, well trained, well informed, well-treated employees are not likely to look for a new job every five minutes, and that gives businesses low turnover costs and higher retention rates. 

All we really want and need as humans in life, on the fundamental human level are certainty, security, happiness and to be healthy. When you do your best to provide those fundamentals for people, they pay you back with loyalty, gratitude, hard work, with strategic, creative thinking and that saves money. 

Are you keeping your people healthy, what about happy?

I don’t know about you, but a big part of my life’s purpose after acquiring some common sense has been to make and keep as many people around me as healthy and as happy as possible, myself included. 

What else is there to do, besides that and making money?


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